v i d e o s         i m a g e s          b i o           c o n t a c t          p r e s s & p u b l i c a t i o n s            

s k y   d r a w i n g s

      sao paulo biennial

      santa fe, new mexico

      merco south biennial

      sun flower

      punta del este

p r o j e c t s

      functional sculpture/lamp

      they went for a swimm

      walking toys

      integration + less


      berkeley bridge

      water mill

      painted bronze - steel - copper

      installation - trieste

      fiber epoxi

      spatial passage

      PS1 / MoMA

      sao paulo


p h o t o s

      alice in wonderland
      tropical treat
      karasele still
      hommage to Issey
      to be a virgin

      still moments