Backyard, 2008-2012

Directed by Marcia Grostein, Video/surround sound.

Color High-Definition, rear projection preferable.

Seven-channel, seven screens, 7min of 16.57mn (loop with variations every 2.5min). Room dimension variable

Conceived as a war on the senses, “Backyard” is meant to inundate and overwhelm viewers both visually and sonically, making them feel trapped.The purpose of this installation is to highlight the contrast between the darkness of our time and the endless glare of artificial light


Karasele 05:48 minutes

Directed by Marcia Grostein Collaboration with Paul Irving

Performers: Luisa Moreira de Souza, Zbigniew Libera, Lara Young

Bull Fight Democracy

(during democratic primaries in 2018)

Directed by Marcia Grostein

03:29 Minutes



Directed by Marcia Grostein

3:18 Minutes

Music by Greg Arnold


Being There

Directed by Marcia Grostein

05:44 Minutes