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Marcia Grostein is a Brazilian-American artist whose practice works across public art,  sculpture, painting, video, photography, and portable art/jewelry.


Born in São Paulo Grostein returned to Brazil from the Royal College of Art in London to attend the center for artistic experimentation Escola Brasil Dois Pontos. 


In 1977 she came to the US and met artists such as Abstract Expressionist Willem de Kooning, who became a mentor, and Pop Artist James Rosenquist, who introduced her to the NY art scene; she was also influenced by Minimalism and Conceptual Art Artists, as well as New Expressionist Malcom Morley.


In 1979 she interned for Fluxus artist Joseph Beuys at his retrospective held at the Guggenheim Museum in NY. The following year, Grostein was represented by Betty Parsons Gallery, and her paintings were co-exhibited with Jackson Pollock’s works in the gallery’s final show. With a background in dance, Grostein’s work is composed with meticulous attention to the physical qualities of her chosen medium. She creates dynamic visual choreographies that are both reductive and expressive at once. 

The artist has exhibited her work widely at renowned museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Pieces from her prolific body of work are held in prominent public and private collections including those of the São Paulo Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, MOMA/PS1, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others.


Currently, Marcia Grostein is working in New York with a focus on site specific Public Art among other mediums.

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